A Modern-Day Marketing Journal (for those who want to stay out of the club)

In an environment where business-as-usual may be a path to extinction, this blog offers insights to help companies control their destiny, grow their business and do everything possible to stay out of The Dinosaur Club.

003: The Content Conundrum

So much to produce. So little time to produce it. By now you understand that content is essential to contemporary marketing. There’s a direct relationship between marketing success and the quality and quantity of content. But creating a continous flow of it represents...

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002: The Wisdom to Win

Multiple studies confirm that the marketing spend for small to mid-sized B2B companies ranges from 3% to 12% of revenue. A pretty wide gap. The disparity tends to align by industry. Manufacturing is at the lower end of the spectrum and pure-play technology companies...

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001: Running with Social Scissors

Don’t walk. Run.Today, your biggest risk is not taking any risks at all. Yet many are quietly accepting invitations to The Dinosaur Club by carrying on as if nothing has changed and missing the virtual land grab that’s happening across the digital ecosystem – social...

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