Don’t walk. Run.

Today, your biggest risk is not taking any risks at all. Yet many are quietly accepting invitations to The Dinosaur Club by carrying on as if nothing has changed and missing the virtual land grab that’s happening across the digital ecosystem – social media.

So many B2B businesses are not represented on social media either by choice or, they’re vastly underutilizing it because they misunderstand its power.

What’s your excuse?

The are many excuses…

  • It doesn’t fit my demographic
  • It’s a waste of time
  • It’s only for B2C
  • There’s no ROI
  • It’s just a fad
  • There are too many security breaches
  • What if customers say nasty things
  • I’d rather wait and see
  • It doesn’t fit with our sales process

But, you need to know. 

Social media is not going away. It has the power to move elections, build brands, and overthrow governments. So, it’s silly to think that it can’t help your SMB business grow.

Just because you’re not on it, doesn’t mean your audience isn’t. Take a look at these stats from April 2019:

If you’re target market isn’t there, they will be. As Wayne Gretzky said, “Skate to where the puck is going, not where it has been.” Social media has a tendency to “age up.” The early adoptors are young – which is why kids use SnapChat and you probably don’t know what it is. But it always moves up a generation. In fact, the fastest growing Facebook segment is the 55+ age group.

Social media is unstoppable regardless of your feelings about it. And that’s why the companies that “get it” are grabbing the most valuable asset of all – the attention of their audience. Attention is the currency of the digital age.

The real excuse.

When probed, the real excuse for not committing to social media is a fear of technological complexity, cost, and execution. That’s why many have adopted the mindset that it’s just easier to avoid it altogether. Meanwhile, your competitors are carving out their territory and building their audience. Still not convinced? Consider this… 50% of the Fortune 500 list from the year 2000 is no longer with us. If you don’t believe it…. Google it!

What about technology complexity and costs you say? Social media is built on technology platforms with amazingly simple user interfaces that make it easy for the average business owner and the everyday user. There are also hundreds of supporting technologies that can assist with creating, posting, optimizing, measuring and integrating social media with everything else you do.

The overall cost is so low that you should be running, not walking, with credit card in hand pointing the way to your social future.

Just do it!

Establishing a basic social media presence is a great way to start. Don’t be afraid to post whatever you think is on brand and enjoyable for your audience. Monitor engagement to determine efficacy and remember, there’s always a delete button!

But when you’re ready to really commit… do it right. Don’t hire your neice who just graduated from high school to do it. Don’t delegate it to your admin assistant. And don’t do it half-assed. Go all in. Otherwise, you’ll end up saying it’s a waste of time, it’s just a fad, and it doesn’t provide any ROI. Because in the end, you need to have a thoughtful strategy and consistent execution.

Ready to level up?

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The future is in your hands. Do you want to be a member of The Growth Club or The Dinosaur Club?

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