Get started with a health check. Or, refresh that tired plan.

B2B Marketing Health Check

Before you spend another $ on marketing, get a complementary assessment.  Learn about course corrections that will yield immediate gains.

Marketing Plan 2.0

Typically, 20% of your customer base produces 80% of your revenue. Put your money where the math is! Refocus your marketing plan and improve ROI.

What’s Hot & Trending Now

Your light bulb moment awaits! Generating leads and demand doesn’t have to be hard… or expensive. There are easy ways for small businesses to leverage what’s working for Fortune 1000 companies. Learn how to reap the benefits right away so you can spend like a start-up and look like a giant. Let us share the best approaches.

Intent-Based Demand Gen

• Use the power of AI to identify buyers with surging interest in your category.

• Match your Ideal Customer Profile with those conducting searches now.

• Reach out via email, text and calls to convert to a meeting or demo.

Learn how to integrate intent-based data into your demand gen efforts.

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Account Based Marketing (ABM)

• Focus on high-value accounts.

• Map buyer’s needs, and content.

• Develop 1:1 communications specific to targeted contacts.

• 97% of ABM users say that it delivers more ROI than any other marketing tactic.

Find out how to build a simple ABM pilot to test effectiveness.


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Social Media for B2B

• Leverage LinkedIn’s power to target your B2B audience by user defined attributes including industry, title, role, and skills.

• Turn your company page into a lead generation machine.

• Tap InMail, Sponsored Updates, Matched Audiences and much more.

Find out why LinkedIn is responsible for 80% of B2B social media leads.

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Search Engine Marketing

• Create content to improve your ranking.

• Align keywords with the buyer’s journey.

• Build and earn links from other sites to grow organic traffic.

• Test bid types including cost-per-lead vs. cost-per-click to improve SEM ROI.

• Use retargeting to own your space.

Learn about game-changing SEM & SEO techniques that drive demand.

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Fractional’s Favorite 40

  • Our favorite 40 marketing technology tools out of the thousands now available
  • Review tools for social, search, email, analytics, content and beyond
  • Determine the right technology stack to help grow your business

Learn more about the hottest technology tools available today


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Persona Development

• Summarize key traits of typical user segments.

• Improve how you relate to your buyer.

• Uncover specific purchase behaviors to inform messaging and content.

• Determine the best timing for communications.

Learn how to create a Perfect Persona™ to drive better messaging


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