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“CMO-to-Go” Services


for B2B companies with marketing departments still in formation

Generate Revenue and Grow Your Business 

Fractional Marketing Group provides advisory services for companies that need a part-time Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) along with specialized delivery services that extend the capabilities of your marketing department.

Creating Influence

Establish your company as a leading industry authority and a trusted source for answers.

Building Relationships

Share high value content and expertise to propel prospects towards a desired next action.

Generating Demand

Convert engagements to qualified sales opportunities and new customer relationships.

Small companies need marketing that sells. 

Rank your company’s marketing sophistication on a scale of 1-to-10. Where do you stand? To grow you need to take it to the next level.

Drive More Revenue. 

FMG is your sales-centric marketing source. Efficient, affordable, and unbiased.

Whether it’s building a marketing plan, optimizing campaigns, or developing marketing assets – We work independently or along side your team to prioritize and fulfill requirements at a fraction of the cost.

Assemble a real marketing plan

Leverage intent-based data

Pursue targeted accounts

Develop buyer insights

Build demand generation funnels

Create fresh, relevant content

Fractional Marketing Group aligns with 5 steps to create scalable demand: 

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    1) Target the Right People

    Develop an ideal customer profile with buyer personas
    Build and segment your marketing database
    Conduct research to understand the competitive landscape

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    2) Control Market Perception

    Become a trusted authority with thought leadership
    Develop a stream of content to prove it
    Ensure consistency of messaging across platforms
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    3) Build Initial Dialogue

    Create inbound and outbound touch points
    Deploy Account Based Marketing campaigns (ABM)
    Leverage marketing automation and efficiency tools
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    4) Follow Up and Convert

    Cultivate initial dialogs with ongoing nurture campaigns
    Score and qualify leads through the pipeline
    Convert to specific next actions
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    5) Expand the Relationships

    Stay in front of customers to grow the relationship
    Uncover opportunities to upsell and cross sell
    Seek referrals

Insource. Outsource. Your Source.

Two easy ways to get what you need:

Advisory Services

  • Add senior marketing expertise on a fractional basis
  • Billed by the day, week or month
  • Expand or reduce as needed

Delivery Services

  • Based on discreet deliverables
  • Priced by project or fixed monthly fee
  • Deployed through FMG’s independent network

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